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- We choose travel spot that harmonized with trip to zero place carefully. -

Gaesimsa Temple


Quiet temple in mountain

With lyrical atmosphere

Located in Sangwang MT. at Seosan, the gaesimsa temple is famous for its distinctive beautiful atmosphere and rare royal cherry trees although it is not large in size or decorated with glamor. There is a forest road next to the temple, so it is good to enjoy a walk in the field.

Haemieupseong Fortress


Dreamy view of mixing Nature

with Old world fortress of

the Joseon Dynasty

The Haemi-eupseong fortress, which was built between 18th years of King Teajong and 2nd years of King Sejong, is more meaningful because it shows the typical fortress of the Joseon Dynasty. Entering the gates, you can enjoy a quiet time traveling through Haemi-eup and Thatched house.



40 years old national champion 

of Jjampong

Representative restaurants

of Haemi

It is a Chinese restaurant with a history of 40 years and has been operated by an overseas Chinese. It is already famous restaurant, known of a spicy soup and sweet and sour pork. It is a must-see course to anyone who visits Hae Mi-eup Castle.

Memorial hall for Birthplace of Goam, Ungno Lee 

고암 이응노 생가기념관

Quiet Art Museum with story

Of Ungno Lee and Hongseong

It is an art museum to honor the artist, Ungno Lee, who left a variety of works ranging from traditional prints to modern abstractions. It has a variety of architectural appeal. Soohwarim supports the Goam Ungno Lee Memorial Hall.

'Zero Place' means a place to drop everything and return to zero. The 25-year-old restaurant was reborn as a creator's shelter, and tried to embody the aesthetics of emptiness by limiting the room to five rooms where guests could relax in a spacious garden and using the first floor as a cafe.


367-19, Illakgol-gil, Haemi-myeon, Seosan-si, Chungcheongnam-do


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